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Combine Dates

Join one of our upcoming combines on August 19, 20, 26 & 27 to hone your skills and take your game to the next level

Players will run, jump, hit, throw and pitch in drills that will measure their performance through metrics with industry standard verified testing. Players will receive results and percentile ranks nationally within their age division.

HitTrax - Advanced hitting metrics (exit velocity, distance, launch angle, etc.) and assessment reports to better evaluate player performance.

TrackMan - Industry leading technology provides the most accurate ball and player tracking data. Players will receive pitching metrics in Release Speed, Spin Rate, Spin axis, Release Height, Release Side, Extension, Vertical Release Angle, and Horizontal Release Angle, Vertical and Horizontal Movement.

Muscle Lab - Measurements in athletic performance. ML Running Laser will give a verified 30 yd dash time with 10 yd split. Additionally gives MPH reading. ML Force Plates will measure vertical jump and force (power output) into the ground. ML Laser gates will record running agility.

Email for more information.

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Maximize exit velo and optimize launch angles by capturing real-time metrics and observing results immediately after impact. Swing with purpose.

  • Exit Velocity

  • Launch Angle

  • Distance

  • Point of Impact

  • Play Outcome

  • Strike Zone Analysis

  • High Speed Video w/ integrated metrics


Pitching | Hitting

TrackMan is the undisputed global leader, used by all professional teams in the United States and Japan, plus nearly all professional teams in Korea, Taiwan, and Latin America. As a trusted partner, TrackMan provides the largest and most influential digital baseball scouting platform in the world.

Whether it’s release, flight or strike-zone data, we have all the essential data points that make your pitchers better.



Release speed, spin rate, spin axis, release height, release side, extension, vertical/horizontal release angle



Exit speed, spin rate, 3D contact point, launch angle, launch direction



Vertical and horizontal movement




Strike Zone


Plate height, plate side, vertical approach angle, horizontal approach angle


Muscle Lab

Most strength training, speed and conditioning programs has one goal: Improving performance in an activity. The activity may me throwing objects, running, jumping, walking etc. Next important step is to program the training to stimulate the wanted properties. (Explosive strength or Muscle endurance etc.) Biofeedback can be a helpful tool for that. Muscle Lab through a variety of measurements allow athletes to see their performance and more importantly show them how to get better.

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