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About Buckley Performance

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Buckley Performance is committed to better tools, better methods, and better technologies for developing explosive athletes. BP is not just for athletes as we are open to everyone who wants to improve their physical fitness. Our staff of personal trainers, strength coaches, track coaches, and baseball instructors will work to create a custom plan based upon the athlete/client goals. Athletes and workout warriors will have the ability to enhance their speed and power by being able to run sprints, push sleds, flip tires, perform plyometrics, and run our indoor hill while getting real time data and analytics to help our athletes learn and get better.

Reagan Buckley

Professional Baseball Instructor and Former Pro Athlete

Reagan Buckley has been an athlete his entire life, and still trains and competes to this day. With a background in football, track, and baseball, he believes being an athlete first is a must in all sports. Buckley Performance is built around that premise. Reagan was an all-state quarterback a Lamar High School and was a collegiate All-America selection at HBU in baseball. Upon graduating from HBU he played professionally for 8 years. He competed in a Masters Track and Field Championship in France and won the inaugural Houston D10 at age 42. He's worked with boys ages 4-22 for over 20 years in baseball, track, and strength training.

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