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Field and Batting Cage Rules

Please review and obey our field and cage rules.  Violators are subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion and being banned from further participation.

Facility and cage liability waivers must be signed by all participants and where necessary their guardians/ parents prior to use. 

No metal, screw in, or track spikes allowed.

No sunflower seeds, chewing tobacco, or gum is allowed.

No spitting or nose cleaning.

Horseplay or inappropriate behavior is not tolerated and may result in immediate expulsion from BP. In such event any fees paid to BP are forfeited by the offending member.

Coaches with athletes using the fields and or cage must supervise other athletes under their direction that are elsewhere in the facility.

Batting practice/ swinging of bats must outside of field or cages is prohibited.

No throwing balls outside of the field area or in batting cages.

Helmets must be worn by all hitters entering the batting cages.

Anyone throwing batting practice must situate themselves behind a protective L-screen.

Anyone participating in batting cage/pitching activity releases the BP from any and all liability that results from their actions, the actions of any other persons in the facility, or their use of the equipment or facility.

No person shall pull, hang onto, or harm any of the netting in the batting cages and/or surrounding the training area.

When using batting machines only use baseballs provided by BP. Any other baseballs are prohibited while using the machines.

Machines are not to be opened or fixed under any circumstances by anyone other than BP representatives or authorized persons unless specifically allowed by BP. Anyone touching any machines without prior specific authorization from BP shall be liable for any resulting damage to the machine, facility, or persons. Members are allowed to adjust speed/height. Speeds in excess of 90 MPH are prohibited.

For sports besides baseball, use of the cage and protective measures must be approved in advance by Buckley Performance staff.

Any person entering the facility is expected to use common sense and maintain a proper lookout for their own safety.

Pick up all baseballs after use and return to bucket.

Respect the facility. Leave things better than you found them!!

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